A stone's throw from the historic center of Brindisi, on one of the main courses, is the Il Trullo restaurant. In this post review we discuss one of the restaurants in Brindisi most appreciated by Brindisi residents and by tourists who are passing through the streets of the city center.

Il Trullo Restaurant

Il Trullo Restaurant is a restaurant in Brindisi that offers a wide choice of sea and land dishes. Il Trullo Restaurant is also a pizzeria, offering a rich menu of pizzas ranging from classic to more particular ones.

Where is the Il Trullo Restaurant

Il Trullo Restaurant is located in the center of Brindisi, on Corso Roma, 31. Through this Google Map link you can easily reach the restaurant on foot.

Among the recommended appetizers to try for those who want to have lunch or dinner at the Il Trullo restaurant, there are certainly: rice, potatoes and mussels (really special) and the eggplant parmigiana, with a delicate flavor that melts in your mouth, try it to believe it.

For lovers of raw fish, on the other hand, the great dish of raw seafood proposed by the restaurant Il Trullo is definitely recommended. In the large plate of raw seafood it is possible to find: fresh prawns and prawns, oysters and other specialties.

Cacio e Pepe al Ristorante Il Trullo

One of the first courses definitely recommended at the Il Trullo Restaurant is the special Cacio e Pepe. The famous Cacio e Pepe del Trullo is creamed inside a form of pecorino and served directly at the table. Cacio e Pepe is available in 3 variants: classic, with shrimp and with truffle.

List of first courses recommended at Il Trullo Restaurant:

  • Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe
  • Tagliolini all'astice
  • Tagliolini al gambero rosso di gallipoli e polpa di riccio

Among the recommended second courses we certainly find the Scottata of Red Tuna and Sweet and Sour Garden of Tropea. Mixed fried fish and obviously hooked fish are also particularly recommended.

Le pizze del Ristorante Pizzeria Il Trullo Brindisi

The pizzas we recommend you try at Il Trullo Restaurant are:

  • Pizza Il Trullo
  • Pizza Tre Trulli
  • Pizza Virgilio
  • Pizza Cacio e Pepe

Below in this post you will find all the individual ingredients of the recommended pizzas.

The pizzas proposed by the Trullo are real specialties and the choice is really wide: from the classic pizzas to the more elaborate and refined ones proposed by the pizza masters of the Trullo. But will the goodness of the Trullo's highly digestible pizzas be due to the long leavening and cooking in a real stone oven? The stone oven of the trullo is a real peculiarity. The oven, in fact, is a real miniature Apulian trullo. Not just a perfect choice in terms of design, but the guarantee of excellent pizzas cooked to the right point.

Forno a forma di Trullo del Ristorante Il Trullo

Forno a pietra Ristorante Il Trullo

Il Trullo restaurant menu

Menù il Trullo

List of 14 food allergens

Elenco allergeni alimentari Il Trullo Ristorante


Antipasti Il Trullo Ristorante

First courses, second courses of fish, second courses of meat and side dishes

Il Trullo: primi piatti, secondi piatti di pesce e di carne

Special pizzas

Pizze speciali il Trullo Brindisi

Classic Pizzas

Pizze classiche Il Trullo Brindisi

Drinks and sweets

Bevande, dolci e caffetteria Ristorante Il Trullo

How is the quality of the meal at Ristorante il Trullo

We can argue that you eat very well at the Il Trullo Restaurant. The opinion is absolutely positive also with regard to the dishes that are not purely originating in the city of Brindisi. Some examples of the dishes mentioned can be: rice, potatoes and mussels (a dish mostly from Bari), cacio e pepe - a dish that is historically proposed in Rome - at the Ristorante Il Trullo you are guaranteed to be able to taste these dishes and recognize the authentic flavor and texture that you are used to expecting if you have already tasted those dishes in the cities or regions where they are traditionally offered.

Restaurant in Brindisi for Celiacs

Il Trullo Restaurant pays particular attention to celiacs. Adequate measures have been adopted in the kitchen to divide the courses, from preparation to serving, to ensure that even those with food intolerances can have lunch or dinner.

Foreign languages spoken by the staff of the Trullo

Foreign tourists who intend to have lunch or dinner at the Il Trullo Restaurant will be able to interface with the staff of the trullo in English and German.

Photo of Il Trullo Restaurant

Foto del Ristorante Il Trullo

Foto Il trullo Ristorante

Gamberi in salsa kataifi

Foto Gamberi in Salsa Kataifi

Tagliolini al Riccio

Tagliolini al Riccio

Linguine all'astice

Linguine all'astice

Scottata di Calamari alla griglia

Scottata di calamari alla griglia

Orecchiette con le cime di rapa

Orecchiette con le cime di rapa