Puglia Map

Welcome to Puglia Map, the interactive map of Puglia. Scroll down to get started.

Puglia Map is the map that contains: beaches, places to visit and attractions in Puglia. Inside the map you can also find the best Hotels, Masserie, Trulli and Villas. It allows you to organize your trip to Puglia by choosing from the best attractions.

Finally you can choose from hundreds of things to do and see in Puglia. Thousands of tourists every day discover the most beautiful places in Puglia with Puglia Map.

How to use Puglia Map

The interactive map of Puglia can be used both from a desktop PC and from a telephone. To interact with the Puglia Map just click on the icon of the desired marker.

If you are looking for the beaches of a certain area, just click on the appropriate marker. Then a window will appear with all the information on the chosen point of interest.

The Puglia Map markers dedicated to the main cities are indicated in red. These allow you to easily navigate between the points of interest of the place.

Click on one of the Puglia Map markers to interact with the map

Which services can be found on the Puglia Map

  • Apulia sea map

    The map of the best beaches

  • Apulia Salento Map

    Salento at your fingertips. This section collects the main places to visit in Salento)

  • Apulia Gargano Map

    Map of the Gargano with the main beaches and campsites

  • Puglia Hotels Map

  • Map of the villages in Apulia

  • Map of the best restaurants in Puglia

  • Map of holiday homes

    Choose the holiday home in Puglia closest to your destination. You can request availability by contacting the owner directly via the map.

By clicking on one of the markers you can read a brief description of the place.

By clicking on a city on Puglia Map , you will see beaches, attractions, guided tours and more. Each type of marker allows different functions.

Some markers, on the other hand, allow you to quickly interact with the place.

In the case of holiday homes, for example, you can quickly book your accommodation.

Even for guided tours, you can book your excursion through Puglia Map .

Below we see an example of what happens once you click on a Puglia Map marker

Clicking on the map, for example on Lecce, opens a curtain like this:

marker cliccato in Mappa Puglia

Find the best offers for your trip to Puglia on Puglia Map

We have selected and included in the Puglia Map the best companies of the Apulian tourism. Each type of company included in the map has a different color. The most beautiful Apulian Trulli have been included in the map with the orange color. The most beautiful luxury villas in Puglia have been included with the purple color.

Here is the color legend of the markers used for the offers on the Puglia Map.

Markers used in Puglia Map

Marker City Mappa PugliaCapoluogo

Marker Spiagge Mappa PugliaSpiagge

Marker Attractions Mappa PugliaAttrattive

Marker Hotels Mappa PugliaHotels

Marker Farms Mappa PugliaMasserie (farms)

Marker Villas Mappa PugliaVillas

Marker Villages Mappa PugliaVillages

Marker Trulli Mappa PugliaTrulli

Marker Casa Vacanze Mappa PugliaHoliday home

Puglia Map Things to do

The Puglia Map also shows the best things to do in Puglia. This type of activity can be recognized on the Puglia Map by the purple marker.

Puglia map

Puglia Map, the map of Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and holiday homes in Puglia

Another useful feature of Puglia Map is the Puglia Hotels Map, Bed and Breakfasts and holiday homes in Puglia.

This special section of Puglia Map allows you to find in real time the last minute offers of the best Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and holiday homes villas in Puglia.