If you are wondering what to do on New Year's Eve 2021 2022, you could consider spending the New Year among the most beautiful cities in Puglia.

For the new year 2021 2022 in Puglia numerous traveling events and shows are planned in the squares of the various municipalities.

If you decide to spend your New Year in Puglia you will have fantastic memories. In the period of December, Puglia is dressed in magic and colors, and becomes, as in summer, one of the most popular destinations for the New Year.

We advise you to choose your dates now and book as soon as possible, hotels and hotels are sold out in a very short time.

For New Year's Eve 2021 2022 in Puglia many events are scheduled to celebrate the arrival of 2022. The choice on the New Year's Eve dinner in Puglia is vast, it is possible to book for the rich New Year's Eve dinner at one of the prestigious farms in Puglia and taste the best food and wine products of Puglia. For after midnight in the main cities of Puglia there will be private parties with music and entertainment.

New Year's Eve Puglia 2021 2022


What to do on New Year's Eve 2021 2022 in Puglia?

In all the main cities, as well as in many towns in the different provinces, it is possible to spend the New Year's Eve in Puglia outdoors and toast the New Year in public.

In many cities it is possible to find live concerts and outdoor shows of all kinds , with musical guests or bands of national and international caliber.

Citizens and tourists meet in the historic centers to stroll among the many artistic beauties. In many take advantage of the many shops open to then eat and toast among the many bars distributed in the historic centers .

For those who want to spend the New Year indoors in Puglia, there is no shortage of alternatives such as restaurants, farms and relais. These structures offer, for the night of December 31st, the dinner service with Menu already prepared for New Year's Eve .

The New Year's Eve dinner in Puglia is usually one of the favorite ways for families, groups of friends or couples to spend the evening of New Year's Eve up to toast together at midnight.


What to do on New Year's Eve in Lecce

The main public event for New Year's Eve in Lecce, as for several years on New Year's Eve, is the New Year's Concert in Lecce which takes place in the center of Piazza Sant'Oronzo.

Thousands of Leccesi, as well as tourists from all over Italy and abroad, flock to the Salento capital to spend the evening among the many clubs in the historic center and to toast together in the square for the new year in a festive atmosphere and of music.

New Year's events in Lecce:

  • NEW YEAR'S EVE VILLA VIRGIN (s.p. Collepasso - Cutrofiano, Lecce)
    Party Open Bar from 11.30pm (pre-sale)
    No dinner!
  • I DUE TRAPPETI (Galatina)
    Grand Dinner & Club Party Djs Set Show
    Great Dinner & Party Dj Live Show

The historic center of Lecce is festively decorated throughout the period from Christmas to New Year.

You will be able to stroll among lights, shops and restaurants. If you decide to book a stay in Lecce, you will have a wide choice of B & Bs, hotels, hotels and various accommodation facilities.

Usually in the various squares you will be able to attend different shows with live music.


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What to do on New Year's Eve 2021/2022 in Bari

The best way to celebrate New Year's Eve 2021/2022 is to go to Piazza Libertà (Bari's main square) and attend the New Year's Concert.

The New Year's Concert in Bari is a national event and will be broadcast on televisions and radio throughout Italy.

Unlike in past years, the entrance to Piazza Libertà for the New Year's Concert will be limited (the square will in fact be set up with chairs and assigned seats to guarantee a limited number of spectators).

Spectators will need to follow all the rules currently required to attend indoor shows.

All spectators must therefore book, have a seat assigned and have a Green Pass to show to the authorities.


New Year's Eve in Bari [update of 23 December 2021]

The New Year's Eve concert 2021/2022 in Bari, scheduled in Piazza Libertà has been moved to the Petruzzelli theater. The modalities of participation in the event remain unchanged. You can participate by booking the event through the website (which will be communicated shortly) and the reinforced green pass and the use of the mask will be mandatory.

Like any other large city in Puglia, Bari will be visited by many tourists, Italians and foreigners, who will flock to the historic center to admire its architectural and artistic beauties.

Many stroll through the historic center (Bari Vecchia) to visit the many shops open and to take advantage of the delicacies of the many clubs, bars and restaurants that offer above all Mediterranean delicacies, with typical Bari or Apulian cuisine.

New Year's events in Bari:

  • VILLA ROTONDO Lounge Cafè Restaurant (Bari)
    Buffet, Grand Dinner, Ball und Übernachtung mit verschiedenen Paketen verfügbar
  • LA PETRICOR (Bari)
    Elegantes und raffiniertes Grand Dinner, musikalische Party
    Grand Dinner & Live Music by Elio Arcieri Quintet


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Was man an Silvester 2021/2022 in Tarent unternehmen kann

Die Silvestershows in Taranto haben eine lange Tradition und erfreuen sich beim Publikum großer Beliebtheit, das Silvester gerne im Freien erlebt.

Es ist möglich, Konzerte mit klassischer, lyrischer und symphonischer Musik zu hören. Großer Wert wird auch auf traditionelle und Volksmusik aus dem Salento, die Pizzica, mit weltweit bekannten lokalen Musikgruppen gelegt.

Silvester in Taranto ermöglicht es vielen Besuchern und Bürgern, Silvester zu verbringen, um die historischen, künstlerischen und architektonischen Wunder zu bewundern, die archäologischen Schönheiten zu bewundern, begleitet von zahlreichen kulturellen und musikalischen Veranstaltungen, die speziell für das neue Jahr geschaffen wurden.

Besuche des Schlosses Aragonese oder der Co-Kathedrale Gran Madre di Dio gehören zu den beliebtesten kulturellen Veranstaltungen am Silvesterabend und schließen mit einem Stoß auf das neue Jahr in einer der vielen geöffneten Bars in der zentrieren.

Für diejenigen, die es lieben, den Abend drinnen, in Gesellschaft von Freunden oder der Familie zu verbringen, ist es möglich, die Dienstleistungen von Pubs und Diskotheken zu genießen, wo Sie Spaß haben, tanzen und schließlich gemeinsam auf das neue Jahr anstoßen können.

The official New Year's Concert, conceived and organized by the Municipality of Taranto, will be held on January 1st at 11:30 am at the Teatro Comunale Fusco.

The New Year's Concert will take place in collaboration with the "Taranto Opera Festival", whose orcestra of musicians from different realities will delight the audience with a very varied repertoire of classical music.

The orchestra will be accompanied by the Apulian soprano Francesca Ruospo, one of the most interesting voices of the Italian opera scene and winner of several national and international awards.

New Year's events in Taranto:

  • THE CAFFE 'DEL MARE Disco Club (Litoranea Salentina Nord Gandoli, Leporano, Taranto)
    Great Dinner, Music, Entertainment
  • OLD FASHION (Viale Magna Grecia, 425, Taranto)
    Grand Dinner and Musical Party in an original formula
  • MASSERIA CASINO LA NORIA (Via San Donato 74122, Talsano, Taranto)
    Great dinner and live music


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What to do on New Year's Eve 2021/2022 in Brindisi

The night of San Silvesto in Brindisi offers, as in previous years, the end of year concert in Piazza Vittoria . The celebrations for New Year's Eve in Brindisi also include a series of concerts and events in all the other squares of the historic center.

In all the cities of Puglia, the New Year is a very heartfelt event. The appointment with the great end-of-year dinner is not to be missed. All restaurants open on the evening of December 31 and you can book your dinner with a menu based on typical local products. Usually then you go out into the square to continue the celebrations.

On the morning of January 1, 2022 at 11 am (at "La Conca") on the north coast of Brindisi the famous New Year's Dive at the basin will be held, which now makes the city of Brindisi known around the world for one of the most eccentric ways to celebrate the start of the new year.

This is a non-profit event aimed at solidarity and with the collaboration of the Fire Brigade.

The dive is open to all interested parties, to all citizens, and to those who want to participate, to inaugurate the beginning of the new year by experiencing the thrill of a swim in the sea in the middle of winter.

On the evening of January 1st 2022 there will be the New Year's Concert at the Nuovo Teatro Verdi.

The Chamber orchestra of Lecce and Salento will perform, with the conductor Eliseo Castrignanò. (Theater box office: 0831 562 554).

The last day of the year is the perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of southern Italy, with its artistic beauties, traditions, festivals and typical products.

New Year's Eve 2022 in Puglia means fun.

New Year's events in Brindisi:

  • HOTEL VILLA D'AMATO (Brindisi)
    Dinner, Veglione and Disco
  • OASI RESTAURANT (Brindisi)
    Great dinner and live music


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What are the best offers for the New Year's Eve dinner 2021 2022 in Puglia?

The best offers for the New Year's Eve dinner 2021 2022 in Puglia are:

  • New Year's Eve gala at "La Perla del Doge" in Giovinazzo (SS 16 Adriatica, 70056 Molfetta BA)
    dinner and dance in two rooms with live disco and Latin music
  • New Year 2022 at "Hotel Majesty" in Bari (Via Giovanni Gentile, 97 / B, 70126 BA)
    dinner with end-of-year show and possibility of overnight stay on 31st and New Year's lunch
  • New Year's Eve in Puglia 2022 at "Grand Hotel Tiziano" in Lecce (Viale Portauropa, Lecce)
    offers for all ages with dinner, disco evening and overnight stay of your choice < / li>
  • New Year's Eve 2022 at "Ristorante Taverna Al Cantinone" in Vieste (Via Carlo Mafrolla, 26, 71019 Vieste)
  • New Year's Eve 2022 at "Caffè del Mare Disco Club" in Taranto (Litoranea Salentina Nord Gandoli)
    dinner and disco evening