Torre Lapillo is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Salento, a real paradise in Porto Cesareo.

Torre Lapillo beaches, a hamlet of Porto Cesareo, is populated especially in summer and many tourists book their holidays in this area of โ€‹โ€‹Salento. Torre Lapillo beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Salento and is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Puglia. The whole beach of Torre Lapillo is served by equipped lidos that alternate with free beaches. Let's find out in this article the beautiful beach of Torre Lapillo.

Torre Lapillo beach

The beach of Torre Lapillo extends along a strip of white sand with a crystalline and clear sea, The colors of the beach of Torre Lapillo will make you think of the most famous exotic destinations. White sand and crystalline sea, clear and clean: a true paradise.

You will find free beaches alternating with equipped beaches, where you will have the opportunity to rent your sunbed and umbrella and relax in complete relax.

Torre Lapillo beach is suitable for everyone. Torre Lapillo beach is perfect if you are leaving with your family, because you will find a shallow and sandy bottom. With shallow waters, children can play quietly on the shore.

This Salento beach is also a favorite destination for young people, who can have fun until the evening in the various beaches that remain open until late.

Best beaches in Torre Lapillo

Torre Lapillo beach includes 4 kilometers of coastline. You can choose between several equipped lidos or free beaches. The sea along the entire coast is; always wonderful.

The most beautiful beaches in this area start from Torre Lapillo until reaching Punta Prosciutto, where you can find other beautiful beaches surrounded by nature.

If you choose the free beaches you can settle down with your towel and umbrella. If you choose one of the many bathing establishments, you will have the opportunity to rent a sunbed and umbrella.

Whatever point you choose for your stop on the beach you will not be disappointed, the sea of โ€‹โ€‹Torre Lapillo always offers a wonderful scenery.

What to do in the evening in Torre Lapillo?

After spending the day at the beach, you can take a walk in the small village of Torre Lapillo. You will find many restaurants, bars and clubs offering the best local food.

From 8.00 pm until midnight via Torre becomes pedestrian only. In this street the evening life is concentrated and you can enjoy a drink in one of the many bars. In via Bonomi you will find several stalls with the evening market.

You can also move to the center of Porto Cesareo. Strolling, having an aperitif in a seaside bar or tasting the typical pasticciotto from Lecce.

You can also visit the city of Lecce which is only 37 kilometers from Torre Lapillo.

Torre Lapillo history

From the beach you will notice a Tower overlooking the coast. The watchtower is also known by the name of Torre di San Tommaso. It is a tower that was part of the Salento defensive system, useful for protecting the coast from enemy invasions.

The structure was commissioned by Charles V and its construction was completed in 1568.

The Tower is one of the largest in the area and has a square base and a staircase for access. Its height is 17 meters.