Choosing a good restaurant in Brindisi is easy if you are a local. But how does a tourist who does not know the city find his way around and choose the right restaurant? Large sites often allow tourists to find a restaurant in Brindisi based on the distance from where their phone is or based on factors that have little to do with the true quality of lunch or dinner. In this detailed article on restaurants in Brindisi we will see which are the restaurants in Brindisi and which are the best dishes offered by the restaurants of Brindisi for the summer 2022.

The Restaurants of Brindisi are one of the attractions of the city of Brindisi, in some of the restaurants of Brindisi you can rediscover the ancient history of the flavors of typical Brindisi products prepared according to traditional recipes. The choice between restaurants in Brindisi is very wide, both in terms of location and in terms of the type of courses proposed. The characteristic restaurants of Brindisi are located in the city center, some of these are located on the Lungomare Regina Margherita and offer the opportunity to taste local fish products a stone's throw from the sea.

Brindisi Restaurants

Il Trullo Restaurant

Restaurant Il Trullo Brindisi

Il Trullo Restaurant

Review Ristorante Pizzeria Il Trullo Brindisi.

  • Restaurant La NassaLa Nassa Restaurant
  • Restaurant La Locanda del PortoLa Locanda del Porto Restaurant
  • Restaurant Le SciabicaLa Sciabica Restaurant
  • Restaurant La Locanda degli SpilusiLa Locanda degli Spilusi Restaurant

Brindisi seaside Restaurants

The main seaside restaurants in Brindisi are located on Lungomare Regina Margherita and in Via Thaon De Revel Paolo, both historic streets of the Lungomare di Brindisi.

Having lunch or dinner in Brindisi in one of the seaside restaurants in Brindisi is an experience that we recommend doing.

Ristaurants Brindisi Porto

Along the Port of Brindisi it is possible to find several restaurants with typical Brindisi cuisine and fish restaurants. All the restaurants in Brindisi on the sea have external structures to accommodate customers and allow them to eat while enjoying the sea view and the suggestive panorama that the skyline of the Port of Brindisi offers.

Seafood restaurants in Brindisi

For lovers of fish-based cuisine, having lunch or dinner in one of the fish restaurants in Brindisi is certainly on the list of things to do during a holiday in Brindisi.

In the fish restaurants in Brindisi it is possible to taste dishes based on fish (locally caught) including: cavatelli or linguine allo scoglio, linguine with mussels and clams, raw seafood, and other seafood specialties.

The Seafood Restaurants in Brindisi are:

  • Il Trullo Restaurant
  • La Nassa Restaurant
  • La Locanda del Porto Restaurant

Typical dishes found in restaurants in Brindisi

The typical dishes that can be found in the restaurants of Brindisi that offer typical Brindisi cuisine are divided into typical cuisine with land dishes and typical cuisine with seafood dishes.

Typical land dishes in the restaurants of Brindisi

The typical land dishes that can be found in the restaurants in Brindisi are:

  • Orecchiette fresche con pomodoro fresco, basilico e cacio ricotta
  • Parmigiana di melanzane
  • Pasta fresca con funghi porcini e speck
  • Lasagna al forno

Typical seafood dishes in the restaurants of Brindisi

The typical seafood dishes that can be found in the restaurants in Brindisi are:

  • Crudo di mare
  • Riso patate e cozze
  • Pasta fresca allo scoglio (frutti di mare)
  • Linguine con le vongole
  • Pasta fresca con astice