Summer holidays in Puglia 2022 are getting closer and many visitors are wondering what are the Covid traveling rules and requirements in order to have your holidays in Puglia. In this article that we will try to update daily, the current restrictions and precautions that those who want to come on holiday in Puglia should know are reported.

Currently to go to Puglia and circulate outdoors you do not need the green pass or any other certification of vaccination. However, the green pass will be necessary to be able to access all public places including: Ports, Airports, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Museums, Aercheological Sites and indoor places in general. According to the current provisions, some subjects remain exempt from the Green Pass obligation if in possession of appropriate medical certification of exemption.

Holidays in Puglia from EU and non EU countries

From 1th of March 2022 the new national regulations for foreign travelers wishing to enter Italy came into force.

For 2022 summer season vacation in Puglia the new ordinance has unified the discipline that regulates entry from EU countries and from Third States (outside the EU)

It means that the same rules apply to all visitors entering Italy from abroad regardless of the continent they travel from.

Anyone wishing to travel to Puglia from abroad can consult the guidelines dictated by the Italian Government for the travel of travelers, European and non-European, in Italy via the link at the bottom of this page.

Covid Rules 2022 to Travel to Puglia from abroad

Starting from 1st of March 2022 new rules have been applied to travelers entering Italy from abroad and coming to Puglia for holiday.

Anyone who enters Italy, travelling to Puglia, from abroad is obliged to:

  • BEFORE YOUR TRIP: fill in the Passenger locator form COVID 19 for travel to Italy 2022, and always carry it with you to be able to show it at the airport and border checkpoints.
  • WHILE TRAVELLING: keep at hand a valid covid vaccination certificates (or other certification recognized as equivalent) and be ready to show it when asked. Your certificate can be shown as digital document using your smartphone, using a covid app or printed on paper.

Please read the here about the latest Covid 19 Informations to travel to Puglia dictated by the Italian Government to be updated about the latest regulations to enter Italy from abroad.

Travel to Puglia: Italy Covid-19 EU certifications, validity, equivalences and exceptions

As dictated by the Italian Government in February 2022 the rules to enter Italy will be unified with validity starting from first of March 2022.

Anyone who enters Italy, for any reason and by any means, HAS TO present, to anyone responsible for carying out the check, the EU digital Covid Certificate compliant with European legislation.

The EU digital Covid Certificate compliant with European legislation is the certification, for the traveller, of the completion of the prescribed vaccination cycle for at least fourteen (14) days before entering Italy.

Alternatively, if you do not posses an EU digital Covid Certificate (the one with the QR code valid EU), then you need to be in possession of one of this other certificates or proof of exemptions:

  • healing occurred (in the last six months);
  • healing occurred, plus carrying out the single dose of vaccine scheduled for the completion of the vaccination cycle;
  • the negative result of a rapid or molecular antigen test, carried out by means of a swab. The molecular test must be carried out no later than 72 hours prior to entering Italy; the antigen test no later than 48 hours prior to entry into Italy.

Exceptions for Covid Certifications when Travel to Puglia

  1. Children under six (6) years of age are exempt from carrying out the molecular or antigen test.
  2. Entering Italy without a certification means short quarantine period: 
    1. it is necessary to undergo a period of five (5) days of fiduciary isolation at home or residence to activate health surveillance.
    2. you will be able to carry out a further molecular or antigen test at the end of the five (5) days of isolation to test your negativity.

Travel to Puglia: Puglia Region Rules

On top Italian Government covid 19 rules for travellers, people who enter Puglia from foreign countries must also:

Those entering Puglia for work needs, for health reasons, for reasons of absolute urgency, as well as for the transit and transport of goods to the production chain from / to Puglia do not have to fill in the form. 

For information contact the toll-free (from Italy) phone number 800 713931, active from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 20.00.

From abroad call: 0039 080 3373398