Prowein is a prestigious international wine fair held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 19 to 21 March. There will be 54 Apulian wineries representing Puglia's oenology.

Prowein: information about the event

Puglia will once again take part in ProWein in Düsseldorf, a prestigious international wine fair scheduled for 19 to 21 March next. Fifty-four wineries in Düsseldorf and hundreds of labels that will in fact represent regional oenology in the institutional exhibition area reserved for the Puglia Region, the Department of Agriculture and Unioncamere.

Appointment in Halle 17, stand 27 (Enoteca-Vinotek space) to taste the best of Apulian wine production, while to deepen the knowledge of the main Apulian vines, the program includes three in-depth seminars for insiders organized by the Italian Sommelier Association Puglia.

Prowein: dates and agenda of the event

Sunday 19 March at 11:30 "Let's talk about Negroamaro"

It begins on Sunday 19 March at 11.30 with "Let's talk about Negroamaro", created in collaboration with the Consortium for the protection of the Salice Salentino DOC and that of Brindisi and Squinzano DOC.

Following the tasting, translated into English and led by an AIS Puglia speaker, of various labels of this sumptuous and versatile native vine, widely used by regional producers to also obtain rosé and sparkling wines.

Afterwards, at 15:00, the focus will be on the white wines of Puglia.

Monday 20 March at 11:30 "Manduria and Gioia del Colle: tell me about Primitivo"

On Monday 20 March, at the same time, in-depth analysis on another Apulian vine that has recently been highly appreciated by international markets: "Manduria and Gioia del Colle: tell me about Primitivo" is in fact the title of the second seminar, organized in collaboration with the two Consortia for the protection of DOC Primitivo di Manduria and Gioia del Colle.

The right time to compare the two most interesting expressions of this vine thanks to the tasting of eight prestigious labels.

At 15:00, however, the point on the sparkling wines produced in Puglia is scheduled.

Tuesday 21 March at 11:30 "This is Nero di Troia"

Third and last appointment, finally, on Tuesday 21 March (again at 11.30) with "This is Nero di Troia", in collaboration with the Consorzio DOC Tavoliere Nero di Troia and with that of the DOC and DOCG Castel del Monte: a comparison between the two more authentic expressions of this vine which is also on the rise among consumers from all over the world, with tasting of 4 DOC Tavoliere Nero di Troia labels alternating with as many DOC Castel del Monte labels.

Finally, at 15:00, the focus on rosé wines from Puglia.

Prowein: Vino rosato