The undisputed protagonists of the Sammichele festival are good wine and the famous zampina, a particular type of seasoned and spiral-rolled sausage.

The "zampina",  and good wine festival is a well-known event that every year, in September, is held in Sammichele di Bari. Since 1967 this gastronomic event has attracted many tourists and involves thousands of people.

The zampina festival during its 56th edition

The 56th edition of the paw, bocconcino and good wine festival is held on 30 September, 1 and 2 October.

A long-awaited event that managed to transform Sammichele di Bari into a sort of open-air restaurant.

In the last edition there were many great guests who performed in Piazza Vittorio Veneto. An edition with a full program of events.

Butchers and restaurateurs have proposed a varied gastronomic offer, thanks to the stands scattered around the city center.

The event also promoted a rich program of guided visits to the Caracciolo Castle, workshops, exhibitions and displays of local artisans.

Program, events and dates of the Zampina, Bocconcino and good Wine Festival 2022

The paw, bocconcino and good wine festival will be held on 30 September, 1 and 2 October 2022.

This will be the 56th edition organized by the municipality of Sammichele di Bari.

Also in 2022 there will be a full program of events, good food and music.

Program of the Sagra della Zampina, Bocconcino e buon vino 2022 festival:

  • food stands
  • guided tours
  • markets
  • excursions
  • conferences
  • concerts
  • artistic performances

At the "Sagra della Zampina, del bocconcino e del buon vino" several stands will be set up to offer the best of gastronomy and typical local products, for lunch and dinner, in the center of the town of Sammichele.

Typical Apulian products will be prepared fresh and served to visitors accompanied by excellent local wine.

The festival will be accompanied by a series of events that invite visitors to get to know and appreciate the tradition and cultural identity of the area.

Between a good meal and a glass of wine you can therefore appreciate the activities offered such as guided tours, markets, excursions, conferences, concerts and other artistic performances.

Keep following us for further updates on the organization of the festival.

The Zampina Festival 2022 - Sammichele di Bari

During the zampina festival the various butchers of Sammichele, which are united in the association "burning coals", will give you the opportunity to taste this culinary specialty.

Usually the whole community takes action to promote the territory from a tourist point of view.

Not only are the culinary specialties of the locality promoted but many exhibitions, visits to museums and various handicraft exhibitions are organized.

There are usually plenty of activities for the little ones too.

Among the attractions there is a visit to the Caracciolo Castle, which usually, during the festival, houses the museum of peasant civilization.

Therefore, a festive atmosphere is created with traditional dances and dances, peasant exhibitions; a way for the tourist to immerse themselves in the experience of the past.

Sammichele di Bari - zampina

Sammichele is an ancient village near Bari and is part of the lower Murge.

The town became famous thanks to the Zampina.

The zampina is the typical product of Sammichele di Bari. It is a rolled up sausage held in place by a skewer.

It is cooked on the grill and its red color guarantees the freshness of the product.

Towards the end of September, the paw becomes the protagonist of the festival dedicated to it.

The zampina festival - the origins

The sagra della zampina was born in 1967 with the aim of reviving the country's economy.

The first edition of the festival was a great success and from that moment on the municipality of Sammichele has continued to support and invest in this beautiful event.