Christmas Market Lecce 2022 [Christmas 2022]

Christmas markets in Lecce 2022 in which dates and the best tips on what to do during the Christmas holidays in Lecce in 2022

Lecce and the municipalities of its province are among the most popular and requested destinations during the summer. Even during the Christmas period many write to us for information about the program of Christmas events in Lecce and where to find the Christmas markets in Lecce in 2022. Also this year Lecce is ready to welcome the many people interested in its beauties and experience the magic of Christmas in Lecce with the Christmas markets, the Puppet Fair and the Chocolate Festival.


Christmas Markets Lecce 2022

Christmas markets in Lecce on 2022 and other Christmas events in Lecce will take place from 7 December 2022 to 6 January 2022 in Piazza Mazzini in Lecce. Among the proposed initiatives it is possible to find the Christmas markets and Lecce and the Santa Lucia Fair, also known as the Puppet Fair. From 7 December 2022 to 12 December 2022 the consolidated appointment with the chocolate festival to be held in Piazza Sant'Oronzo where it will be possible to buy pretty decorations made of chocolate from master chocolatiers from all over Italy. In Piazza Duomo there is the characteristic Salento artistic nativity scene.

Christmas markets in Lecce for Christmas 2022

Here is the list of Christmas markets in Lecce and its province for Christmas 2022:

  • Mercatini di Natale a Lecce in piazza
  • Fiera dei Pupi 2022
  • Festa del cioccolato

Christmas Market in Puglia

In the Christmas markets in Lecce you will find wonderful creations made with simple materials (for example hard stones) made by Salento artisans and traders. The Christmas markets of Lecce are the ideal place to find beautiful handmade gift ideas rigorously made in Salento. In Piazza Mazzini you will find the horse carousel for children. The large 20 meter high Christmas tree and the bright star will be lit, both located in Piazza Sant'Oronzo.

Fiera dei Pupi 2022

The traditional Fair of Santa Lucia, (also known as the Puppet Fair) is scheduled from 8 December 2022 to 22 December 2022 at the former convent of the Theatines in via Vittorio Emanuele II, in Lecce. The Puppet Fair is the typical Christmas craft fair that sees as protagonists the skilled craftsmen of papier-mâché and terracotta, called "Maestri Pupari".

Once the Fair of Santa Lucia was called "La Fiera di li Pupi" The Fiera dei Pupi has an ancient history in Lecce that starts from the mid-sixteenth century and has its roots in the popular traditions of Lecce. Giulio Cesare Infantino already talks about the Puppet Fair in 1634 in his work "Lecce Sacra".

Originally the fair took place for one day only, the day dedicated to Saint Lucia and took place near the ancient church of the same name which was demolished in the 60s.

Over time, between the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, the Puppet Fair was extended until Christmas Eve.

The Puppet Fair is still a strongly felt tradition, it is the ideal place if you are looking for decorations and statuettes of papier-mâché or terracotta for your nativity scene.

Festa del Cioccolato Lecce 2022

What are the dates of the Chocolate Festival in Lecce in 2022?

The Chocolate Festival in Lecce is scheduled from 7 December 2022 to 12 December 2022 at piazza Sant'Oronzo in Lecce.

The traditional Chocolate Festival in Lecce also returns in December 2022 with some of the best master chocolatiers from all over Italy as protagonists. Christmas tree shaped tablets and any other shape and color. Chocolate for all tastes with strictly artisanal preparation with unique recipes and artistic creations.

Fiera del cioccolato Lecce 2021

Christmas Markets in the Province of Lecce [Updated 2022]

Leverano Christmas Markets 2022

The Christmas markets in Lecce in 2022 will also take place in Leverano on the days: 8,11,12,18,19,22,23,26,30 December 2022 and 6 January 2022 at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Convent Cloister.

Christmas markets Leverano

Christmas markets in Otranto 2022 - Luminarie Otranto Festival

This year in Otranto, in the province of Lecce, the first edition of the "Luminarie Otranto festival" event will be held at the Aragonese Castle.
During the event, luminous works of art and many Christmas markets will be exhibited. Here you can find delicious local food, handcrafted creations and lots of live shows.
During the festival there will also be the 5th edition of "Zucchero & Cannella", which will allow you to participate in tastings in the historic center.

Here are the dates and times of the 2022 Christmas event in Otranto:

  • From 27 November 2022 to 19 December 2022 the Christmas markets, lights and all events will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17.00 to 24.00
  • On Wednesday 8 December 2022 you can participate in the event from 17:00 to 24:00
  • From 19 December 2022 to 9 January 2022 the event will be held every day from 17:00 to 24:00.

Admission costs 7 euros and also includes parking for the car.

Christmas 2022 in Specchia

Specchia, in the province of Lecce, will also light up during the Christmas period 2022. Below you will find complete information on the Christmas 2022 program in Specchia, and you can organize your holiday in Puglia.

The dates of Christmas 2022 in Specchia

The Christmas events in Specchia will be held from 5 December 2022 to 7 January 2022.

Here is the complete program of the 2022/2022 Events in Specchia

  • December 5, 2022: there will be the inauguration of Christmas 2022 in Specchia with the switching on of the Christmas lights in Piazza del Popolo at 18.00
  • 8 December 2022: there will be the inauguration of the Santa Claus House at Palazzo Risolo at 9.30 pm.
    You can visit Santa's house on the days: 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26 December 2022 and 1, 2, 6 January 2022; from 17:00 to 20:30.
  • 11 December 2022: ON TOUR MARKET in the atrium of Palazzo Risolo at 9.30 pm
  • 2 December 2022: at 10:00 there will be the Christmas Quintet in Piazza San Giovanni, organized by the G. Puccini musical association.
    At 19:00 there will be the BAND OF SANTA CLAUS in Piazza del Popolo.
  • December 13, 2022: An opera concert entitled "Note di Luce" will be held at the Black Franciscan church at 7:30 pm.
  • December 24, 2022: as usual, there will be the lighting of the Focaredda and the pettole festival, in Piazza del Popolo starting at 18:00
  • December 25, 2022: the living nativity scene will be inaugurated at 17:00 at Palazzo Coluccia. For more information on the living nativity scene, read our article: LIVING NATIVITY SCENE PUGLIA 2022/2022.
    At 6:30 pm the pianist Roberto Esposito will perform.
  • December 27, 2022: theatrical performance entitled "Christmas at the Cupiello house" at the Convent of the Black Franciscans at 20:30.
  • December 28, 2022: theatrical performance entitled "Rami e Bassam" at the Black Franciscan Church at 7.00 pm.
  • January 1, 2022: there will be the great New Year's concert at 18:00 at the Mother Church.
  • January 5, 2022: there will be a concert entitled "the voice of the angels" at the Mother Church at 19:00.
  • January 7, 2022: there will be a theatrical performance entitled "the other half of the crib" at 19:00 at Palazzo Coluccia.


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