If you are on holiday in Puglia and you are wondering what to visit in the surroundings of Lecce, we recommend that you visit the Grotta della Poesia.

It is a real natural swimming pool surrounded by rocks.

Where is the Cave of poetry located?

The Cave of poetry is located in the locality of Roca Vecchia, in the municipality of Melendugno. Therefore, located on the east coast of Salento.

It is immersed in a heavenly and uncontaminated place. More precisely, it is 23 km from Lecce and 20 km from Otranto.

You can find the exact location of Cave of Poetry (Grotta della Poesia) and other nearby places using our Italy Puglia map

Why is it called the Cave of Poetry?

Cave of Poetry

The Cave of Poetry is so named in reference to two popular legends.

The first states that under the cave there was a cold spring.

From the Greek posia = source of fresh water.
The second legend tells of a princess who often bathed in this cave.

With her beauty she enchanted and inspired poets. Hence the name cave of poetry.

The cave consists of two rocky inlets: the great poem and the small poem.

Originally the caves had a rocky cover which subsequently collapsed due to atmospheric phenomena.

In this way, two natural pools were created.

An evocative landscape that every year attracts tourists from all over the world.

An enchanting place that has become a fundamental stop for those who go on holiday in Salento.

The great poem has an elliptical shape. It is a mirror of crystalline water with colors that touch blue and emerald green.

It is well connected to the open sea and is accessed via a small staircase carved into the rock.

The small cave, connected to the large one by a small channel, is decidedly wilder and less accessible.

Today to be able to visit the cave you have to pay a 3 euro ticket.

This is to try to limit access and protect and preserve the place. It is a beautiful place that is worth visiting.

The cave of poetry is one of the most beautiful attractions in Puglia.

Cave of Poetry

How high is the Cave of Poetry?

The cave of Poetry is very famous because you can dive from here. The height of the big poem is about 5 meters.

Nearby you will find other areas with rocks where you can freely stop and swim.

If you are looking for sandy beaches, we recommend that you move to Torre Dell’Orso.

Here you will find both sandy and rocky beaches.

Cave of the poetry - sea

The sea of โ€‹โ€‹the cave of poetry is limpid and crystalline.

It will feel like you are in a swimming pool.

The prevailing colors are blue and turquoise.

The place is also surrounded by the greenery of nature.

The cave of poetry is a jewel of Puglia.

Historical curiosities about the Cave of Poetry - Puglia

The Cave of Poetry is also important from the historical-archaeological point of view.

On its walls there are Greek and Latin inscriptions, dating back to the times of the Messapians.

With studies it has been discovered that the cave in ancient times was a place of worship of the God Taotor.

To testify the presence of the Messapi there is also an archaeological site near the Grotto.

At about 500 meters, you will find a tower dating back to 500; the ruins of a castle and the sanctuary of the madonna from the 17th century.

On the seabed in front of the cave there are real archaeological finds that suggest a real submerged city belonging to the civilization of the third and second centuries BC.

A natural pool full of poetry and history!

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