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Discover Baia dei Turchi, one of the most beautiful beaches in Otranto

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In this article you can discover one of the most beautiful beaches near Otranto. Baia dei Turchi, a beach destination for many tourists and locals. You will understand where its name comes from, how to get to this beautiful beach in Puglia and other useful information. If you want to plan your 2022 beach holiday in Puglia, this article will be very useful.

Where is Baia dei Turchi ?

Baia dei Turchi  is located a few kilometers north of Otranto, in province of Lecce. It is a beautiful beach in Puglia, nowadays it is a destination for many tourists and is also very popular with locals.

Why is it called Baia dei Turchi ?

The Baia dei Turchi beach is so called because in 1480 there was the landing of the Turks in Otranto.

The commander of the Turks Acmet Pascià chose this beach to land, besieging the town of Otranto which was not very protected.

How to get to Baia dei Turchi? Signs for the beach

To get to Baia dei Turchi by car, you can take the state road from Lecce to Maglie, proceeding towards Otranto up to the Torre dell’orso will bring you to a dirt road.

Continuing for three kilometers you will find yourself in front of a pine forest where you can park your car.

If you want to travel by public transport, there are buses that leave from the towns near the Baia dei Turchi beach, such as Otranto or Lecce.

From Lecce you can take bus number 101 from Lecce station and continue for 16 stops. The last stretch can be covered on foot.

Baia dei Turchi: beautiful and well-known beach in Otranto

If you are looking for a place that can leave you with a beautiful memory of the beautiful sea of โ€‹โ€‹Puglia, Baia dei Turchi  is the ideal place.

You will find yourself comparing Baia dei Turchi to a real paradise, you will find an unspoiled beach, immersed in the protected area of โ€‹โ€‹the Alimini Lakes.

The sea of โ€‹โ€‹the Baia dei Turchi is limpid, clean and crystalline.

The beach is surrounded by a cliff covered with Mediterranean scrub.

The Baia dei Turchi has been included in the list of the first hundred places that must be protected on the Italian territory.

It is also in twelfth place in the ranking of "places of the heart".

Therefore, the Baia dei Turchi is definitely one of the places to visit if you are in Salento.

In this beach of Otranto you can choose to rent deck chairs and umbrellas or to stop on the free beach.

Our advice is to go to the beach very early in order to find a place to stop, because during the summer the beach is very crowded.

What to do in Baia dei Turchi 

If you are on a beach holiday in Baia dei Turchi, you will discover that in addition to enjoying the sea and the sun, you can do many things:

• Follow various paths surrounded by nature. This way you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscape.
• You can stop for lunch in one of the many bathing establishments.
• You will be able to dive and explore the seabed with the right equipment.

What to visit near Baia dei Turchi 

In the vicinity of Baia dei Turchi the places to visit are:

• Alimini Lakes and Cava di Bauxite
• City of Otranto
• Aragonese Castle of Otranto

Baia dei Turchi is certainly one of the wonders of Puglia. If you are planning a 2022 holiday this place in Puglia will fascinate you.

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